The Town of Erie recognizes the value of providing business assistance to aid companies in locating to the Town, to encourage substantial expansion of existing businesses, and in keeping with the overall economic development objectives. The Town believes assistance to be important in remaining competitive in attracting quality business and development. Incentives may be used as a tool in recruiting and retaining businesses to the Town.

Staff can tailor a package of available local, county, and state incentives designed to identify all available resources for your business. Please contact us to discuss what options may be available.

Town Incentives

The Town of Erie will consider incentives on a case-by-case basis. Key factors involved in determining incentives include, but are not limited to:

  • Number of employees
  • Average wages
  • Investment
  • Sales
  • Overall benefit to the community

Other Programs

  • The Town in conjunction with the Erie Chamber of Commerce, Highplains Library District and the Small Business Development Center offer a variety of services and programs. For details please review the Town of Erie Business Resource Guide.
  • Employees of Erie businesses qualify for reduced rates on three-month and annual passes to the Erie Community Center.
  • For Projects within Historic Old Town Erie there may be opportunties for financial support from the Town of Erie Urban Renewal Authority.

County Incentives

Upstate Colorado Economic Development works with Weld County in offering personal property tax incentive as well as various funding programs for businesses relocating or expanding within the Town of Erie. For details please visit Upstate Colorado Economic Development.

State Incentives

The State of Colorado has programs for training and quality job creation. When you relocate business to the Town of Erie you may benefit from a variety of state grants and programs. For more information on state incentives for those who relocate a business to the Town of Erie please visit the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.