Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is the oldest historic place in Erie and is one of the last remaining prairie cemeteries in the United States. Located at 520 Colliers Blvd., the rich history and incredible mountain views make for a highly coveted final resting place.

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Please view the Town of Erie's ordinance governing the uses at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery

If you intend to conduct a burial, place a marker or monument (headstone), decorate or have a service at the cemetery, you must work through the Cemetery Manager for any and all of these services, and it may be needed that you also work with a mortuary or a memorial service center.

Fee Schedule

Cemetery Fees will be increasing beginning January 1, 2023.  Please see the Fee Schedule below for details.

Fee Type
Fee Amount
Fee Amount
Begins 1/1/2023
Plot Purchase
(per space)
Grave Open & Close
(7AM-3PM weekdays)
Cremains Open & Close
(7AM-3PM weekdays)
Open & Close
(after 3 PM or Saturday)


Monument Grave Marking1st Time no charge; $40 for additional requests
Sunday & Holiday Burial
Not permitted

Submit Interest in a Burial Plot

To express interest in a burial plot, please submit a Plot Purchase Form

Once the Cemetery Manager has received your request, you will be contacted to discuss details and next steps.

Schedule a Burial

To request a Burial on a previously purchased plot please submit a Burial Request Form.

Upon receiving your request, the Cemetery Manager will be in contact to discuss options and request additional documents (if needed) and payment. Depending on the type of burial, a burial vault will need to be purchased from the mortuary or funeral home.

Please note: One weeks' notice is respectfully requested for all burial plot preparations.

Transfer Ownership

To transfer a Mount Pleasant Cemetery burial plot(s) please submit the Cemetery Transfer of Ownership Request. All transfers require the approval of the Cemetery Manager.

Monument Request

To place a monument on a plot, please complete the Cemetery Monument Request.

Monuments must be purchased from an established retail monument dealer and must adhere to the Town of Erie's Rules & Regulations for Mount Pleasant Cemetery.  All monuments require the approval of the Cemetery Manager.

Cemetery Search ToolCemetery Search Opens in new window

The easy-to-use cemetery search tool is your resource to finding the gravesite of an ancestor as well as dates of birth, death, and burial. Begin your search.