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Animal Cruelty & Barking or Lost Dogs
Animal Cruelty
A person commits cruelty to animals if he or she overworks, tortures, beats, kills or fails to provide proper food, water and shelter to an animal. Anyone containing any animal in a vehicle in a cruel manner is in violation of this section. Animals being neglected, mistreated or subject to cruelty will be impounded.

Barking Dogs
Dogs are not allowed to habitually bark, howl, or yelp so as to disturb the peace of the neighborhood. If citizens are not able to resolve the problem with the dog owner, they can contact the Erie Police Department (303) 926-2800 or dispatch at (303) 441-4444.

Lost Dogs
Contact the Erie Police Department at 303-926-2800 or the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at 303-442-4030. You can also go to the lost animal report, complete the form and send it by email.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley - Lost Dog website.  Click the link to view photos and descriptions of dogs currently being held.

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