How about residential streets?
Residential streets are usually not plowed or treated except after very severe winter storms. When snowstorms leave large accumulations that are expected to remain for several days, plows go onto residential streets after completing service on Priority 1 and Priority 2 streets.

Our goal in plowing residential streets is to keep as much snow as possible off the road. We do not plow down to the pavement. The quickest way to plow snow is to push it to the side. This may mean that you will have to clear your driveway.

Snow Removal

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1. What are the major factors affecting snow removal?
2. Do you plow cul-de-sacs?
3. How about residential streets?
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5. Why did you bury my sidewalk and/or driveway?
6. What equipment does the Town have?
7. How are the plowing crews called out?