What is the Town's policy on medical marijuana dispensaries?
In December 2010 the Town adopted legislation prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries within the Town. However, "Patients" (who have obtained from the State a medical marijuana registry card) and "Primary Caregivers" may lawfully cultivate and process medical marijuana for themselves or their patients. In November of 2012, the Board approved an ordinance amending the business regulations portion of the Town’s Municipal Code to include a new chapter addressing the cultivation of medical marijuana within primary residences. The ordinance balances the reasonable and lawful rights of patients and primary caregivers with the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public through the prevention and mitigation of deleterious and negative secondary effects that may occur or are likely to occur from the presence of medical marijuana in the Town of Erie. Select the link below to view the ordinance. For more information on obtaining a Business License, please contact the Community Development Department at 303-926-2770.

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