Four Corners

The Four Corners intersection of County Line Road and Erie Parkway is prime for a grocer-anchored retail center as it has the largest unmet grocery demand in the region. According to a report by respected retail consultant Greg Stoffel there is approximately $25 million demand in grocery demand and no stores within two miles.

This market isn't even built out yet, so the market will only increase. At build out, the intersection will have a population of 92,000 within its trade area. That growth will lead to approximately $122 million between now and build out. It is forecast that there will be $180 million in average demand at build out.Four Corners

Adjacent new infrastructure includes:
  • 63,000 square foot community center
  • 41 acre Community Park with 4 league play softball fields
  • 20,000 square foot community library
  • Olympic-scale velodrome
Look at for a new mixed-use project to break ground 4th Quarter of 2016 at the southwest corner - 4 Corners. This project is begin developed by RMCS and will include 10-15 acres of commercial surrounded by medium and high density residential products.  Check out the conceptual drawing here.
 For more information, view the demographic information below.
  • Burger King
  • Walgreens
  • Kiddie Academy
Average Daily Traffic Count:
  • 19,000
  • Urban Renewal Authority / TIF
Four Corners
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