Snow Removal Procedures

Snow & Ice Control Services
The Town of Erie Public Works Operation and Maintenance Division is ready with a snow control plan to keep streets safe and accessible during periods of snow and ice. The goal is to provide snow and ice control services on primary and secondary routes. Residential streets are usually plowed or treated only after severe winter storms.

When snowstorms leave large accumulations that are expected to remain for several days, plows go onto residential streets after completing service on primary and secondary routes. Residential streets are plowed down the center of the street (one pass) in an effort to avoid covering sidewalks and parked cars and blocking driveways with snow.

Ice Control Material
The Town applies ice slice to roadways to improve traction and accelerate ice melt. Snow plow operators are instructed to apply varying amounts of ice slice depending on road and weather conditions (ice slice is effective at 30 degrees and above). Typically, ice slice is applied at intersections, curves and hills.

The Town will also uses Meltdown Apex, a form of liquid magnesium chloride. This is used as a pre-treatment to minimize the amount of ice bonding to road surfaces in the early stages of a snow event, as well as aid in ice control throughout an event.

By town ordinance, property owners are responsible for clearing their sidewalks of snow within 24 hours following each snowstorm. A citation and/or fine may be issued if the property owner fails to comply. Snow should not be shoveled into the streets.

Emergency Access of Residential Streets
A resident who has a police, fire or medical emergency during a severe snowstorm should call 9-1-1. In the event it is necessary for the Erie Police, the Mountain View Fire Department and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to respond, the affected residential street(s) will be plowed to accommodate emergency vehicles.

More Information
Please contact the Public Works Department at 303-926-2872 for more information.