Police Department


Erie PD - Shoulder Badge - 2014 - Small
The mission of the Erie Police Department is to work with the community to prevent crime and disorder while improving the safety and quality of life for all.


As members of the Erie Police Department we proudly commit to the following values that will be used to guide our daily thoughts and actions:
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Excellence
  • Dedication
  • Accountability


To be highly trained police professionals committed to our community. 
  1. Winter Crime Prevention Tips

    As the days become colder and shorter, the Erie Police Department would like to remind residents of a few tips to help prevent crimes this winter. Read on...
  2. Town of Erie Police Department Introductions

    Over the past several months we’ve been introducing you to some of the men and women of the Town of Erie Police Department. It is an honor to serve you and the entire Erie community. Thank you! Read on...
  3. Erie Police Warn Residents of Fraudulent Kidnapping Reports

    For criminals, the success of any type of abduction fraud or virtual kidnapping depends on speed and fear. They know they only have a short time to exact a ransom payment before the victims and families unravel the scam or authorities become involved. Read on...
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