Summer 2017 Mosquito Control

The Town of Erie has contracted with Vector Disease Control International to provide the Town’s mosquito surveillance and control activities for the 2017 season. 

Mosquito Control Update – Issued: September 19, 2017

In response to high mosquito activity in some areas within the Town, contractors plan on conducting limited localized spraying operations at the following locations: 
  • No spraying will be performed this week
Vector Disease Control International services will include:
  • Routine inspections, larval control, targeting and mapping of larval detected areas, larvicide applications, and catch basins.
  • A toll free 24 hour mosquito hotline and a 24 hour response time to all mosquito annoyance complaints.
  • Weekly inspection, identification and reporting of mosquito species captured within permanent and additional ‘floater’ trap(s) as needed.
  • Monthly reports of services performed, calls received, and actions taken as well as a comprehensive annual report detailing the season’s activities


Vector Disease Control International will provide adult spraying services for Erie throughout the summer.  Needs will be based upon a combination of Public Health Department recommendations, residential complaints, mosquito populations and the season’s potential West Nile Virus activity.  In advance of any residential spraying applications, the Town will provide public notices and Vector Disease Control International will contact any community residents that have requested they be notified.


The Town of Erie will be updating this webpage every Tuesday afternoon to reflect the sprayings that will be scheduled in Town for Wednesday evenings.  The Town of Erie will also post notifications on the Town’s official Facebook page.    This updated notification service will allow Vector Disease Control International to have the most accurate trap counts and offer better efficiency in their services.


Contact Vector Disease Control International to be notified prior to spraying operations in your neighborhood or to report high levels of mosquito activity, standing water or to add any potential breeding sites on private property into the surveillance program. 

303-466-1892 or 1-888-774-2161