Notice to Customers

Erie Utility Customer:

In response to concerns brought to our attention in recent weeks, Utility Billing staff researched and recalculated the bills for all residential utility customers from January 2015 through August 2016 to determine what if any adjustments may need to be made related to billing period lengths.

Through our research we have determined that there have been two months in the last two years (September 2015 and June 2016) during which technical issues occurred.  During these two months, the meter reads resulted in longer billing periods which caused certain customers to be pushed into higher usage tiers and as such artificially increased their bills.  These two months accounted for essentially all of the net overcharges during this timeframe.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused our customers.

Customers who have inadvertently been overcharged will have a credit issued to their account.  These customers will see a credit adjustment code that will appear on their September statement, which will be received in October.  Some adjustments will be very small – as little as $0.01 – but most adjustments are less than $25, with almost half less than $10.

We have also learned that the number of days in the service period as reflected on monthly bills has not been reflected properly.  This has no effect on how charges are calculated, but it is obviously confusing.  We have corrected our system to properly report the actual number of days in the service period – the difference between the last date the meter was read and the current read – which will be reflected on your September statement.  Please note that the number of days in the service period as reflected on your August bill is still incorrect, but as stated above this had no effect on how your charges were calculated.

In the immediate term, Town staff has already implemented changes to resolve these technical concerns.  In the long term, conversion to the new Smart Meters will allow us to further automate the data collection portion of the meter reading process in a more uniform manner.  

Since these concerns with water bills were first brought to our attention, they have remained our highest priority.  Please know that the Town of Erie Utility Billing staff welcomes customer comments, concerns and suggestions and may be reached at 303-926-2700.


Steve Felten
Town of Erie Finance Director