General Business & Home Occupation Licenses
Erie Municipal Code requires anyone doing business in the Town to be licensed by the Town.

There are two types of business licenses:
  • General Business Licenses: Covers wholesale, retail, service, and manufacturing type businesses
  • Home Occupations: Covers any home based wholesale, retail, service, manufacturing, or day care business that employees only family members residing on site
All businesses must have Community Development approval and may require a site visit and inspection by Town of Erie building inspectors.

Contractors Licenses
Contractors Licenses are issued through the Building Department. Please call 303-926-2780 for more information.

Backyard Chickens License
The Board of Trustees approved an ordinance permitting the keeping of backyard chickens effective November 29, 2013. The keeping of backyard chicken hens shall be permitted accessory use to single-family detached dwelling units on lots greater than 5,000 square feet in lot area.

Residents must apply for a license which shall be reviewed and approved prior to bringing chickens on site. Residents living within home owner associations (HOA) are encouraged to speak to their respective HOA prior to beginning the application process, as most HOAs do not allow the keeping of backyard chickens.

If you would like to keep backyard chickens, please fill out the Application for Backyard Chickens.

Solicitation, Handbills, Special Events or Liquor Licensing
Licenses for Solicitation, Handbills, Special Events or Liquor Licensing is handled by the Town Clerk's Office.

Applications & Details
Sales Tax
As a statutory town, the Town of Erie's sales tax is collected by the State of Colorado. Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue for more information: